I am a seasoned creative art director, digital designer, and entrepreneur. (Not to mention a people person.) I am a visual communicator. Educating myself and others, working as a team to create great results is my favorite way to work on projects.

I approach every project with an unwavering belief in the transformative power of great design and visionary creative collaboration to develop cutting-edge concepts. Creating memorable customer experiences through design, my approach blends a hardcore work ethic with energetic creative thinking, resulting in an ever-evolving portfolio that resonates in the real world with major Fortune 500 companies.

I love working on creative projects and love to have fun when I work. I have worked for advertising agencies, non-profit organizations, Ford & Ford Motorsports, schools, a TV show to be launched and even a new wine brand. You name it, I have done it. From packaged goods to automotive brands and more.



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I’m at my best when I’m leading and/or working as a team. I love the creative process from idea inception to post production. I like to inspire, collaborate, and work with others who think differently than I … as that is when the magic happens. Two or more heads are always better than one.

I have worked in-house and agency teams. Working for many brands, in many different media projects, and with many budgets have confirmed I’m really good at switching gears.

Even though I am a visual person, my life is fuller when I’m marrying words to images. See and say is how I was taught. You create a richer look in life and to many cultures this way.

I keep learning and have been working with Adobe After Effects and creating some fun motion graphics.

My lastest project for my husband: Sewing some patches on his jacket. I use to sew with my grandmother when I was younger and doing this brought back some fond memories.

In my spare time, I walk, do yoga daily, play pickleball, travel and enjoy a good movie.

I live in the Detroit Area with my husband. I love to have people over, host game night, and cook for some of my family and friends.

I can’t wait to help you design something better. What can I do for your business?